The Things We Have Learned

Panipuri is a wafer type bowl filled with boiled potato and spices, then dipped into chili water that you pop in your mouth all in one shot. Such a rush!

It’s amazing how slow and how fast things go by in India. Everyone has a slower pace, but the days go by so much faster. We are now going into the third weekend in India. Here are some quick tips for those thinking about visiting:

Top 5 Things to Know about Living in India.

  • Don’t pay for things in advance when it’s delivered. I learned that if something is rs15,000 ($300), like a mattress that isn’t in stock, you only pay 1/4 the cost and negotiate the rest at delivery. If you pay for it all at once, there is no hurry to deliver (it took 6 days)
  • Don’t cancel your American phone numbers the first week. There are so many systems that use your phone number as a verification when you are locked out of your accounts due to “suspicious foreign activity.”
  • Be prepared for the “American Tax.” It’s about a 200-400% markup on goods sold. It’s okay to say no and come back with a local friend.
  • Tell each bank/credit card that you are leaving the country…then get ready for that not to matter. (Got locked out of 4 accounts last Friday)
  • Buy your power converters in the country.

The Excitement of India

India is an exciting place. Every food we try is a new and exciting flavor, every place we visit becomes the “new standard,” and our apartment is slowly becoming a new home. Jaimie and I have our ups and downs, but ultimately, we both love it here. The people are nice and friendly, everyone is excited to help, and there are so many new things to try.

Below is a picture gallery of a few things that took us off guard last week.

The holiday game is a game where you make a human pyramid of men two stories high and try to break a clay pot filled with curd and rupees while the women throw water on you. So creative here!

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