The Ancient Path Fire

Men worldwide rescue other masculine hearts by hosting a simple monthly fire in their backyard and inviting their friends. As an organization, we are committed to helping these local leaders change the hearts of their communities.

Join the movement that is restoring the hearts of men.

How To Get Involved

A Wild at Heart Fire is an authentic, monthly gathering where men experience God through the stories of other men around a fire.

A Wild at Heart Fire is designed to be a simple and natural way to bring the men in your world into a closer relationship with other men and their Father.

Participant Guidelines

  1. Fires aren’t religious
    1. Leave your religious and professional credentials behind.
  2. Your story matters
    1. Fires are not a place for teaching or a podium for experts.
  3. No bullshit allowed
    1. Fires are a place for authentic masculinity. No posing.
  4. Confidentiality is essential
    1. What is shared at a Fire stays at the Fire.


Reach out to learn more about this fire, the host (Ben Homan), the frequency, location, and more.