Going To Myanmar!

Mom, Scott, Jaimie, and I went to Myanmar! Jaimie and I had to leave the country after six months. We couldn’t think of a better place to go than Myanmar, where we could visit our awesome friends Judah and Khaw.

While there, all four of us spoke at a full-day seminar and met so many wonderful people. Judah took us around to different church families’ homes, and Jaimie and I were able to spend time with friends we met last time and share in their successes of life. It was incredible to hear and see what God is doing in Myanmar.

To Jung Byaw

After a few days, we said goodbye to Mom and Scott. Jaimie and I, along with Judah, grabbed a cab and took a long drive to Jung Byaw. (the spelling has been changed a bit). We checked into the nicest hotel in the area, fitted with a mosquito net and one TV channel for only $12.00/ night. Judah went a little more economical at $3.00/night, but his room shared a community bathroom. One thing is for sure: Jaimie and I were all for the new experiences!

As we went to and fro in Jung Byaw, meeting church members, we started to attract the eye of bypassers, and a crowd started to follow us and whisper at a distance. Judah told us it was the first time they had seen white-skinned people, and they wanted to touch us. Jaimie and I shook everyone’s hands and tickled their children before being invited inside for a classic Burmese dinner.

At dinner, I learned that you can, in fact, eat fish bones. I had real trouble with this, and they told me that I ate fish like a baby. I snapped back, “What baby is eating fish bones?” They quickly pointed to their 2-year-old child, enjoying dinner. Figures. Haha!

After spending a night and day in Jung Byaw, seeing the new church that donors and supporters helped build, we headed back to the orphanage to spend our last few days.

What’s Coming Next?

We had such a great time in Myanmar, and on our return, I thought it would be best to begin writing a book. Jaimie and I will fill the book with many more incredible details of life abroad from an American mindset. An online blog just can’t do it justice…so stay tuned!

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