Back to the Reservation

As we set out once again, I thought that it would be nice to not only give an update on what we have planned and what we have been doing, but also let you meet our family. This, I hope will be helpful for when we talk about prayer for certain members of the family.

Ian is the front man for our mission. He is the one who does the majority of the work on ground. He is ordained, becoming a chaplain, teaches trafficking prevention in schools, teaches at the gap year school, works with the directors of the missions we partner with, and much much more.

Leah is the one behind the scenes. She is the one who home schools the kids, pays the bills, and manages the calendar. She also runs Bible studies for the women on both campuses, and does female discipleship.

Evelyn (Evie) is 13. She loves art, anime, marvel, cliff jumping and reading. She makes friends everywhere we go, and loves to hang out and have fun with all of them.

Benjamin ( Ben ) is 11. He is kind and loving to everyone he meets. He loves pokemon, anime, 100% chocolate, and Bible trivia.

Joel is 9. He loves marvel, games, stories, swords, and pirates. He is happy to play with others, or by himself. His favorite game is imaginary.

Simon is 7. He has a soft heart, but is also fearless outside. He love to find treasures, build things, and helping the grown ups. He just wants to know how things work, and will do what it takes to find out.

Hadassah ( Haddie ) will be 3 in one month. She loves her family, gummies, cuddling with Leah, and music. She is full of energy, and wants to help with everything.

Departure From Florida

Our time in Florida has come to an end. To say that is was packed full would be an understatement. During our time the biggest things that happened were that Ian started his training to become a chaplain, and got to go to a two day conference on trafficking, he was also able to spend a week back on the reservation talking with the First Lady of the Nation. We were able to make a connection with an anti-trafficking group in Missouri who provide police training, God willing we will be able to have them come to the Navajo Nation to train their police force.

Leah was able to attend a missions fair at Mosaic Church, and continue her work with Sarah’s Daughters; a Muslim outreach. We were also able to reconnect with the people and churches that help make this work possible. It never feels like enough time, but we are thankful for what time we had.

We also had just normal day to day things to accomplish. Everyone had to go see the Dr and Dentist, and some had a few extra visits that needed to get done. We had to take Benjamin to see a specialist for high cholesterol. As of right now it looks like it is a hereditary problem that just needs us to watch his diet for this next year. Joel had to have some cavities filled and a tooth pulled. And Ian also had cavities filled, wisdom teeth pulled, and some allergy testing done. A huge praise is that it looks like his food allergies look to be healed!

What is on the agenda next.

The first thing that we will be doing on the reservation is hosting The Bridge gap year school for a week in the beginning of March. We will be leading the school in different mission outreach opportunities here on the Reservation.

After they leave we will start working on:

  • getting into schools with the abuse prevention curriculum.
  • starting up a women’s bible study.
  • developing relationships.
  • helping those in the community that need help.
  • pouring into those who are here 365 days of the year.
  • discipleship, prayer, and sharing the Gospel with those around us.

I wanted to spend a few minutes on this letter talking about finance. As we are supported and don’t have any other income, I felt like it was good practice to tell you what our monetary resources are used for.

  • They are used for our day to day lives. Household good, clothes, school books.
  • Utilities like propane, phones, and hook up cost .
  • Gas, insurance, and up keep on both the cars and the Rv ( ie; our home).
  • Ministry cost for the abuse prevention curriculum, bible studies, individual help for people, ex.

This is just a rough overview, but I hope it gives you and idea. As always if you have any question on our life, including how we spend our money, please feel free to ask.

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