A Small Town

Tina, a great family friend, arrived on Saturday, Dec 7th, and all three of us left for the small town the same day. While we were in the small town, we also met up with Jordan (Jaimie’s sister) and her husband John. All three of them came to visit us in Nagpur, too. While we were in the small town, we did many things, including spending time with the children, teaching in the local church, and watching a Christmas program. We had such a great time.

It was so refreshing to be welcomed by the missionary and his team. Anyone wanting to visit India on a mission trip should take the time to spend a few days with them and the children in their care. While we were visiting, we toured a Hindu temple and watched a service. I got a haircut (where they punch your face and call it a massage), drove motorcycles, and played with children. Jaimie and I were given the teachings of Jesus on video to share with the local church in Nagpur. The videos were in both Hindi and Marathi, Nagpur’s state language.

Back in Nagpur

We were back in Nagpur for the last half of December. We visited a monkey temple, where the group carefully walked barefoot through a temple overran with monkeys watching eagerly to steal anything resembling food from your hands, bags, or pockets.

John and Tina were also able to speak in the local church! John presented a message on the marks of a true Christian, and Tina gave her testimony. It was a great Sunday, and I think it was a great experience for everyone! Jaimie and I were so grateful for their visit, and it was so encouraging to spend time with friends and family who shared the same passion for missions.

Ben & Jaimie Personal Events

All the good stuff was covered, but for those of you who want to know some personal events in our lives through December, here they are. For Christmas, the pastor & his wife made me a custom-tailored shirt and bought Jaimie a traditional Indian dress called a sari (see the picture). We were also invited to a friend’s wedding reception in the office. (see the blurry photo of one of the dancers) It was awesome! The picture you see is a man dressed up and standing on a cube of ice. And one more last thing – a car hit us on the scooter last Sunday…. and drove away! (We’re okay, nobody fell off or anything.)

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