What Have We Been Up To?

I know it has been a long time since I sent out an update. We have been so busy that finding time to do anything extra seems like a mountain. But here, as I sit at the table doing some school with the kids, I thought I would reach out to tell you what is going on with the Truhn Family Mission.

We went from a crazy camp season with record numbers to Ian having shingles for a whole month to the miracle of BGA starting.


The Lord blessed us with eight amazing students for this school year. These students range in ages from 18-35, and from having given everything to the Lord to having walked away and searching for some answers. With our student body, we made some last-minute changes to the program, but we believe that it is by God’s will for these students. After a month in Idaho teaching classes and serving the local body there, we have brought our family and students down to live on the Navajo Reservation with us. It is so wonderful to not only have more hands in this space but also to be able to hopefully have some of the students fall in love with these people and want to stay. We are also helping with a new project on the reservation this year. The mission we work with here, Across Nations, is being considered to be given a facility to start a gap year School for the Native American population. They are wanting to partner with us so that they can follow some of what BGA does and make it so that the students from both schools work together to become ambassadors for Christ in this broken world.


    1. We have had three BGA students give their lives to the Lord and be baptized in September.
    2. Evelyn also gave her life to the Lord and was baptized in September.
    3. We are able to do both our work with the Navajo, and disciple students with BGA.
    4. We get to be a part of one of our bonus daughters wedding in November.
    5. Our family has grown with some extra bonus kids who have reached out saying how they need a family, and we are so blessed to now claim them as our own.
    6. Our biological kids are doing very well. They have started school for the year and enjoy spending time with our students.
    7. We are blessed to be able to come back to Florida for our Christmas break.



  1. That we would make an impact on the lives of the Navajo.
  2. That all of our BGA students would give their lives fully to the Lord and choose to serve Him alone with their lives.
  3. That our 5 kids would grow closer to God and have understanding with Ian and I having a bit more on our plates.
  4. For health, we are running at full speed and don’t see a break in sight until about May.
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