8 Weeks About Jesus

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I’ve heard it said that 80% of our sermons today are out of the words of Paul. And I’m not saying we should disregard Paul’s comments…but 80%!? We know Paul wasn’t Jesus, right? May I suggest that as Kingdom Christians who are baptized believers living in the New Covenant trying to follow Jesus, we shouldn’t focus on what he did and said a little more? Let’s work through the Jesus life and follow a simple reading plan that can easily be added to your daily reading! We are going to spend eight weeks about Jesus. You can do it!

1st Week About Jesus

The Preparation

In the chapters below, we will receive introductions and learn about young Jesus. Then we’ll transition to his Baptism by John, tempted by satan, and we know about Him calling his first disciples! Finally, we will also read about one more fascinating thing – His first miracle.

Early Judean Ministry

(8-9 months)

After preparing for his ministry, we will continue reading about the first Passover and his interview with Nicodemus! Finally, to conclude, we will finish with the all-familiar story of the woman at the well.

Day Of WeekScripture
MondayMatthew 1, Luke 1
TuesdayMatthew 2, Luke 2
Wednesday John 1
ThursdayMatthew 3, Luke 3
FridayLuke 4, John 2
SaturdayMatthew 4, Luke 5
SundayMark 1

2nd Week About Jesus

Galilean Ministry

(1 Year and 3-4 months)

We’re moving fast through Jesus’ life. We will explore the 1st year of His ministry as he heals the official sons, gets rejected in His hometown and calls four more disciples. This year of Jesus’ life is action-packed. He also casts out demons and heals Peter’s mother-in-law and a leper. He is busy.

Second Year of Ministry

We will also enter His second year of ministry, attend the Second Passover (about A.D. 28), and learn how He heals at the pool. This is also exciting because we know how Jesus begins to handle conflict with a Sabbath controversy.

During this year of Jesus’ ministry, he appointed the 12 disciples and taught the infamous Sermon on the Mount.

Day Of WeekScripture
MondayJohn 3, John 4
TuesdayLuke 5
Wednesday Matthew 8, Matthew 9
ThursdayJohn 5, Mark 2
FridayLuke 6, Matthew 5
SaturdayMatthew 6, Matthew 7
SundayMatthew 11, Luke 7

3rd Week About Jesus

Second Year of Ministry

During Jesus’ second year of ministry, he also is questioned by John the Baptist and spent more time teaching in Galilee (his second tour). During this tour, he casts out more demons, we learn about who Jesus’ true family is, and we learn about the parable of the Kingdom.

We see more interactions with the Disciples this season as Jesus moves into his third Galilean tour. This is where he also begins to send the 12 disciples out two by two.

Day Of WeekScripture
MondayMatthew 12, Luke 11
TuesdayMark 3
Wednesday Matthew 13, Luke 8
ThursdayMark 4, Mark 5
FridayMatthew 10, Mark 6
SaturdayLuke 9
SundayMatthew 14, John 6

4th Week About Jesus

Second Year of Ministry

Wrapping up Jesus’ second year of ministry, we read about the death of John the Baptist and how Jesus feeds 5,000+ people.

Traveling with the Twelve

(6 months)

So what does Jesus do during the day? Let’s find out. Continuing this week, we also learn what Jesus does and teaches his disciples regarding clean and unclean things. He casts out more demons, feeds another group of people (4,000+), and heals a blind man (Woah!). Jesus also spends time with God and Moses at the transfiguration and predicts his death for the first time. Wrapping up, we learn the disciples could not heal a demonized boy without Jesus being there this time.

Day Of WeekScripture
MondayMatthew 15, Mark 7
TuesdayMatthew 16, Mark 8
Wednesday Matthew 17, Mark 9
ThursdayMatthew 18
FridayJohn 7, John 8
SaturdayJohn 9
SundayLuke 10, John 10

5th Week About Jesus

Later Judaean Ministry

(3 months)

In this fifth week about Jesus, we are learning about his Later Judean Ministry. We see him at the Feast of Tabernacle; He teaches how His followers are the world’s light and sends 70 disciples out. We hear the parable of the Good Samaritan, and we receive a stern warning about being hypocrites. Finishing up, he heals a woman and a blind boy.

Later Perian Ministry

(3 months)

In the following three months, we learn about the cost of discipleship.

Day Of WeekScripture
MondayJohn 7, John 8
TuesdayLuke 10
Wednesday Luke 11, Luke 12
ThursdayLuke 13
FridayJohn 9, John 10
SaturdayLuke 14
SundayLuke 15, Luke 16

6th Week About Jesus

Later Perian Ministry

(3 months)

Finishing up Jesus’ Persian Ministry, we continued learning about the cost of discipleship, receiving more teachings and parables about the lost sheep, son, coins, and dishonest managers. We know some hard teachings about divorce and remarriage, the rich young ruler, and the laborers in the vineyard. This week we also see a fantastic miracle. Jesus raises Nazareth from the dead! Finishing up, we learn a little more about James and John and meet a new fellow named Zaccheus.

Day Of WeekScripture
MondayJohn 11
TuesdayLuke 17, Luke 18
Wednesday Matthew 19
ThursdayMark 10, Matthew 20
FridayLuke 19
SaturdayMatthew 21
SundayMark 11, Luke 19

7th Week About Jesus

Final Week

The final week of Jesus’s ministry starts on Sunday as He enters town.

  • Sunday – Second Entry
  • Monday – He cleans the temple a second time and curses a fig tree.
  • Tuesday – He rebukes the Pharisees and predicts Jerusalem’s fall and his second coming.
  • Thursday – We celebrate the fourth Passover and have His last communion, foot washing, etc.
Day Of WeekScripture
MondayJohn 12
TuesdayMatthew 22, Mark 12
Wednesday Matthew 23, Luke 20
ThursdayMatthew 24, Matthew 25
FridayMark 13, Luke 21
SaturdayMatt 26, Mark 14
SundayLuke 22, John 13

8th Week About Jesus

Final Week

Jesus prays to the father and is arrested at Gethsemane. We learn about the trials as well.

  • Friday – Jesus is crucified and buried.
  • Sunday – Jesus raises from the dead.

And the rest of the time we spend finishing his life on earth, receiving His final teaching, and experiencing his assent into heaven.

Day Of WeekScripture
MondayJohn 14, John 15
TuesdayJohn 16, John 17
Wednesday Matthew 27, Mark 15
ThursdayLuke 23, John 18
FridayMark 16, John 19
SaturdayMatthew 28, Luke 24
SundayJohn 20-21
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